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Welcome to the Colour and Image Academy blog, where I bring together the worlds of colour analysis, fashion styling, and beauty. As the visionary behind this esteemed institution, I am thrilled to share my expertise in the captivating realm of colour, helping you discover the perfect hues that enhance your unique beauty.

You’ve probably encountered colour analysis if you’ve been on TikTok lately. While it can be a fun experience, it’s important to note that It’s far more complex and goes beyond the filters used on that platform. If your goal is merely to enjoy yourself, go for it! However, if you want accurate, reliable results, I recommend steering clear of these filters. Similarly, online apps may not provide the accuracy you require either. I have tried every application out of curiosity and never got the right palette. That’s why I’d strongly advise consulting a professional for a precise and expert analysis.

Kirstin van der Flier is an expert in colour and image consultation.

Add a Splash of Vibrance to Your Wardrobe with Colour

Colours play a vital role in personal style, and discovering the perfect palette can truly transform your wardrobe. It will empower you to skilfully mix and match different clothing pieces with confidence, enabling you to create stylish and well-coordinated outfits that make you look and feel incredible and leave a lasting impression. Believe me, diving into the world of colour through professional analysis is a complete game-changer for building a unique signature look. My private consultations will enhance your wardrobe and bring out the best in you by providing you with hair advice, a complete image makeover and make-up lessons.

I understand that many women may be hesitant when embracing new colours, especially those outside their comfort zone. I get it – it can be a bit daunting! However, let me assure you that setting aside your personal preferences and trends can be a liberating experience. It’s like opening a door to a whole new world of possibilities where you discover shades that enhance your natural beauty in ways you never imagined.

How I Analyse Colour

As I mentioned earlier, TikTok users often refer to themselves as a “spring” or a “winter” when discussing colour analysis. It’s more complicated than that. Let’s break it down. There are 12 palettes to consider. Two cool seasons (summer and winter) and two warm seasons (Spring and Autumn). Then what we call a “flow” exists between these main seasons.

Within each of the four seasons, we look at three additional factors: depth (lightness and darkness of the colour), Intensity or clarity (how bright or muted the shade is), and undertone (warm or cool). This gives us three palettes within each season, making up 12 complete palettes.

How To Use Colour In Your Makeup Routine

When I work with new clients, I carefully assess their skin tone, eye colour and hair to determine the best palette to create harmony and balance with their unique features. By considering the contrast between all three elements, I can identify the colours that will suit them best. They then receive a personalised palette of 36 colours to use as a guide when shopping.

Once you understand your colour palette, you can confidently wear any shade within it. Don’t limit yourself with thoughts like “I can’t pull off red.” The secret is to choose the right red that matches your unique colour characteristics.

If you find yourself drawn to a colour that isn’t in your recommended palette, don’t worry! You can still incorporate it into an outfit as an accessory. Think about adding pops of that colour in your jewellery, shoes, bags, gloves, scarves, or belts. That way, you can enjoy your favourite hue while maintaining balance and harmony with your overall look. Sometimes you might have a statement coat you love even if it may not be the most flattering to your face. A simple solution is to pair it with a scarf or blouse in one of your best colours. This clever styling trick will prevent any clash, balance things out, and ensure you look your best while wearing your beloved pieces.

How To Use Colour In Your Makeup Routine

Colour analysis doesn’t stop at your wardrobe. It can also be applied to your makeup routine. Identifying whether you are cool-toned or warm-toned, you can select products that harmonise with your complexion. Makeup artists use colour analysis every day when creating different looks. I offer comprehensive make-up lessons perfect for identifying and applying your ideal colour to your routine.

When it comes to choosing blush and lipsticks, undertone plays a vital role. For instance, warm toned people can rock products with a peachy undertone, while cool toned people shine in products with a rose or cool pink undertone. It’s all about finding the right shade for your palette.

Moreover, a person’s features are also essential in makeup application. For example, if someone has fair skin, I love to do a delicate makeup look that enhances their natural beauty. I take special care when choosing eyeshadows that make their eyes truly pop. This approach will help enhance your overall look and bring harmony between your natural colouring, your outfit, and your makeup.

Radiate Confidence in Your Attire

Always keep in mind that the goal is to feel confident in whatever you wear. When you understand the right colour scheme that compliments your hair, eyes, and skin tone something magical happens – your entire wardrobe becomes harmonious. It simplifies your dressing routine and feels like having a secret weapon that takes away the stress. All your clothes start working together in perfect harmony. So, embrace the journey, and let the magic of colour transform your style and self-confidence. You’ll be amazed at the positive impact it can have on your overall image and how incredible you’ll look and feel every day!

If you require expert guidance to discover the perfect colours for you and receive fashion tips, I invite you to explore my Colour Analysis & Makeup Consultation service. With my extensive experience as a makeup artist and colour specialist, I’ll collaborate with you to identify the ideal shades and colours that will accentuate your distinctive features and bring out your best appearance. Moreover, my wide array of services is designed to highlight your unique features and enhance your natural beauty to the fullest extent possible. My private consultations elevate your beauty, confidence and style no matter the occasion, so ensure that you contact me today for all of your fashion needs.

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