How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

How To Wear Red Lipstick On Valentine’s Day

No matter what your Valentine’s plans are, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous red lippie. It can be the finishing touch on your date-night outfit or just a special touch to your date night in. A simple sweep of alluring red lipstick is quick, it’s easy, and it’s low maintenance! The ideal way to boost your mood and have you feeling great and looking fabulous in an instant.

The Power of Red Lipstick!

I always think that the most attractive quality a woman can have is self-confidence. And as much as I cherish neutral shades of lipstick for everyday wear, red lipstick can lift your whole complexion for those big occasions and may even become a signature shade as much as discovering your perfect scent. 

There is no makeup product more timeless than red lipstick 

The classic red lipstick has been part of our beauty arsenal for centuries – from Ancient Greece’s berry stains to Marilyn’s iconic brick red hue. But the perfect red is notoriously hard to get right – what might look fabulous on your best friend might not look quite so good on you. A lot of women have a fear of red lips, they say, oh my lips are too thin, or my teeth are not white enough. 

Discover the Right Red for Your Colouring

First, you need to look at your skin tone and eye colour to determine if you have cool or warm undertones. Bluey- reds lean towards a cool skintone (the classic pillar box shade) while orange-toned reds work best on warmer skintones (tomato reds).

If you have the same colouring as Queen Letizia or Meghan Markle, then oxblood and burnt red lipstick shades work a treat when paired with those bronze-brown smoky eyes.

Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone look great in orange-red. The best compliment for their warm colouring.

Bold brights like fire-engine red look terrific against dark hair and blue eyes.

Soft pinky reds work best if you have blue eyes and fair skin like Amanda Seyfried or Kate Winslet. 

Grey-haired women suit cooler, more blue-based reds. If you are afraid to wear red lipstick because your lips are too thin, then I would suggest you steer clear of dark shades, opt instead for Rose Reds with a bit of gloss. It will lift your complexion and give you a radiant glow.

How to Apply Red Lipstick

  • Firstly, ensure you have a smooth surface. With a bold colour, I recommend you exfoliate first with a mixture of honey and raw sugar. It’s a great scrub. Or brush your lips with a soft toothbrush, this can help remove flaking dry skin and help prevent chapped lips. Then apply a rich lip balm like Carmex (my favourite! it contains SPF) and let it soak in before applying your lipstick.
  • The texture is significant here too. If you’re worried about wearing red, try a sheer texture. Moisturising formulas are also great if your lips tend to be dry. I suggest a matte or semi-matte formula if you want your red lips to last all night. 

How to Get Your Lipstick to Stay On

  • Fill it in – before you touch the tube of lipstick, colour-in your lips with a pencil. I prefer to use a nude pencil to line the lip all over- this holds the lipstick in place and prevents it from bleeding. 
  • It’s nearly impossible to keep red lipstick precise without the use of a brush. I find the brush makes it easier to get a thin layer that doesn’t travel outside your lip line. I paint in short strokes, starting at the edge, pull in towards the middle, and then I fill it in. By doing it this way, you get the line of a lip liner without the look of a lip liner.
  • For a longer-lasting stain, blot with a tissue. It removes the oil but leaves the pigment on as a stain. Next set the colour with translucent powder to keep it in place. Lay a tissue over the lips and brush the powder across the mouth to set it. Apply another thin layer of lipstick on top to put back the velvety finish. 
  • To ensure you don’t end up with lipstick where you don’t want it, pull out your concealer and run it along the lip line as a cleanup and also as a way to highlight the lip. A touch at the cupids bow (above the upper lip) adds an extra dimension. 
  • For a bit of shine, finish with a gloss. However, if you’re anticipating having a beverage or two and want your lipstick to stay on, skip the gloss and use a long-wearing colour instead.
  • For a softer finish, I like to apply lipstick by patting on with my finger starting in the centre and dabbing outwards for a more stained lip look; it’s more subtle, and I can control and build it to the strength you want. 

Don’t forget about your whole look

Think about what you’re wearing. Often a statement red lip can transform a plain outfit. When you do blusher, and you’ve got a bright lip you’ve got to be careful that the undertone of both is the same (red lips, pink blush. Orange lips, coral blush). It’s important to strike the right balance too; I think the trick when you do a strong bright lip is that you down-play your eye makeup. A smoky eye can be way too overpowering with a red lip, especially during the day. However, I love red lips with clean feline flicks

Wearing Lipstick with Face Masks

During times of economic downturns, sales of beauty products skyrocket, because people are willing to spend a little more money on much-needed pick-me-ups. But the fact that we must wear a face mask whenever we go outside of our own home makes it challenging to wear bold lipstick. That is why people are gravitating towards more mask-friendly formulas like lip stains and formulations that offer long wear and ease of application.

Hybrid products that contain lip oils that add hydration to counteract any dryness caused by face coverings are becoming increasingly popular. People look to simplify their makeup routines by doubling their products during the pandemic – lipsticks that double as a blush makes perfect sense.

So whether you prefer matte, creamy satin, or a subtle tinted sheen, there’s a range of multipurpose lipstick formulas to suit your mood, enhance the shape of your lips, can be dressed up or down for casual wear and the main attraction for special occasions.

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