Socks Are The New Fashion Statement

How To Embrace Sock Fashion

Socks are not often considered a fashionable item of clothing. But they were all over the runaway (for both spring and autumn!) and are the new fashion statement. Our favourite celebrities love this tiny accessory, and it has become a common thread with all the best influencers flooding their Instagram feed.

I think that now because we are spending time at home – and not wearing shoes very much – it is time for the humble sock to come into its own.

Why Should You Try Styling Socks?

Just as our eyes acclimated to the return of over the knee stockings, the sight of ankle socks popping out of every shoe was unexpected. If you want to add this tiny accessory to make what you have in your wardrobe feel more interesting, and new, then this is as simple as can be. You should try them because socks are generally inexpensive, they’re incredibly versatile, and at the same time unexpected and stylish. And the good news is you probably already have a few colourful pairs in your sock drawer.

As a personal stylist, I’m forever saying, and I’ll repeat it, that every time you buy something new, ask yourself if it will fit in with your go-to items. Items that you are comfortable in and that you wear the most. What do you purchase multiples of? These items define your style!

If neutrals occupy most of your wardrobe and you wear trousers the most, then this trendy little sock will allow you to play around and experiment with a fun aesthetic, because it will push the boundaries of your personal style without throwing you out of your comfort zone and so you still feel distinctly like you!

If your personal style resembles that of Cate Blanchett or Blake Lively and you like blending classic pieces, such as timeless workwear staples, this high waist, ankle-length pants in woven fabric by H&M is an ideal choice. It has pleats at front and shaping darts at the back. The mock back pockets help create a shapely bum, and you can dress it up with heels or dress it down with statement socks and brogues to add that touch of the unexpected. I have a pair of black baggy leather trousers that I bought online in Zara last year. I’ve worn them to death, but this season I’m going to team them with black flats and white ankle socks. So simple, so stylish and the perfect way to spice up a sweater and trousers!

How To Style Socks

It could be that your personal style is more dramatic like Janelle Monae. She matched her bright white socks with black and white check shoes and coat. Maybe you prefer an all-black layered ensemble, complete with beret and pumps for a more eclectic style like Chloe Sevigny?

Perhaps you like nothing better than a good rummage around your local vintage store. Fashionable ankle socks will look sweet when worn with a midi skirt and loafers or with matching coloured heels and headscarf (I’d rather it was tied in a cravat style), a great way to embrace the whole feminine 1940s-era.

So, whether you decide to wear them with heels and a dress, with jeans and trainers, or to have them keep you cosy as leg warmers, have fun with socks!

Need more socks? Why not try Kapital Global for smilie cotton and hemp-blend fun options.

Book Your Private Styling Session in Cork Today

It can be hard to figure out your personal style. Being able to express visually who you are to yourself and to others is a great feeling. It’s frustrating to be misinterpreted, and it’s frustrating to not feel the way you want to feel.

As a personal stylist and colour consultant in Cork, I want my clients to feel like, ‘OK, I can do this. This makes sense. Now I have the confidence I need. From here, you become a better shopper and eliminate wasteful items that gather dust and take up space.

It’s really not up for debate about whether or not it is a good thing to have a personal style. It simply is, and that goes well beyond clothing.

If you need my help to get your wardrobe ready for spring and face the world again, get in touch today to book your first personal styling consultation in Cork.

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