A Guide to Winter Fashion: Why Winter Knits Should Be Your Staple

Winter Knits: A Guide to Winter Fashion

As winter draws closer, we’re starting to see more knitwear trends appearing. There are some great options out there to keep us cosy through the autumn season. So, what does this mean for your wardrobe this winter?

Now is the time to start assembling our winter outfits. It’s the best time of the year to experiment with heavier textures and come up with cosy layered looks.

One of the first things I always want to shop for is knitwear.

There’s just something so comforting about it that it’s hard to resist. So, if you are looking to make a purchase before the cold weather truly takes hold, I’ve put together a few of my favourites to buy right now. 

Here at the Colour and Image Academy, I’m here to help you find the best style for you, and simple ways to make your style look effortless. 

There’s nothing effortless about style but when you style your outfit to your personality and body shape and wear colours that best suit your skin tone, you have unlocked the key elements of timeless style.

5 Knitwear Looks to Style This Winter

I love the look of knitted sweater vests – we called them Tank-tops back in the 70s, knitted dresses and ponchos, they are all back and looking even better than ever. There’s so much you can do with them to make your style unique and individual and I’m so excited to get stuck in and share my styling tips and hopefully inspire you too.  

Take risks with your style to figure out what you feel good in.

What I love about winter knits is that although it’s tempting to stick with dark, monochromatic colours like grey and black, there’s nothing to say we can’t all rock bright, saturated knitwear.

1. Bright Knitwear

Why not rock some warm tones? 

Warm tones and bright colours sort of drag out that autumnal feel into the winter months, and really compliment the majority of Irish skin tones.

Reds, zingy oranges, and yellows make beautiful additions to your winter wardrobe.

Multi coloured sweater from Benetton for €69.95
Pure Shetland wool poncho at Benetton in 11 colourways €69.95

If cooler tones suit your skin tone better we’re seeing lots of options, from lavender, sky blue, light periwinkle, fuchsia pink, soft violets to spruce greens.

Argile twin-set from River island at €40


Owning one cashmere sweater is well worth the investment. It is the coolest fabric to wear during cold weather and is a timeless classic. It’s natural, warm, cosy, and you will not want to take it off. Pair it with jeans – and booties or sneakers, throw on your long line cardigan – another current trend, and your stylish winter look is ready right there.

Another idea is to pull on an oversized cashmere sweater over a slip dress or just wear it with a satin midi style skirt cut on the bias.

Ralph Lauren

Tuck-in – The half-tuck has been around for a while; this is a clever way to show a little waist definition. Tuck the jumper in slightly in front, so it isn’t covering your midsection. This is a great way to balance out the proportions too. 

And the coolest way to modernise your office blazer and trousers combo is to team it with a cashmere rugby style shirt, plus brogues or boots for a refined look. 

Reiss €140

Finer roll necks or roll neck bodysuits will work really well with more tailored outfits. Still, they really come into their own when it comes to layering, working brilliantly under dresses, other knits or this season’s cardigan styles if you’re feeling particularly chilly.

Ribbed polo tops, especially long-sleeved tight-knit pieces with a zipped front are so versatile. You can wear it closed for a more understated look or open it with a delicate necklace to show a bit more personality.

2. Knitted Dresses

Hands down Knitted dresses – particularly those ribbed and oversize styles, are the comfiest and chicest fall staples you could ever wish to own. And because their styling is so simple, you can wear it however you like. You can accessorise freely, and on cold days you can add cosy layers. 

Midi lengths are best teamed with thigh-high boots or slouchy styles with a slight heel. Layer with a matching long-line cable knit cardigan or overcoat – this is a great way to elongate the body. It creates a continuous vertical line that draws the eye up and down the body. 

You can go from body-con to slouchy for a look that is so versatile. Wear over leather leggings if it is a short style, and a sleeveless style is perfect with a white shirt underneath. You can also style it with a leather jacket, poncho, or your favourite winter coat and scarf. 

Broad, padded shoulders have made a huge comeback since the 80s. So, it’s a fun trend to try with a knit sweater dress. Some sweaters come with built-in padded shoulders, but if your knit has a raglan sleeve, it is a clever idea to add a shoulder pad, even if you prefer a natural-looking shoulder line. They really do help enhance the fall of the garment. Or wear a t-shirt with built-in shoulder pads underneath. 

If you are curvy, look for a knit dress with a matching belt that will help give it some shape. Of course, you can always add a leather belt of your own – I find a leather weave belt is best because you can easily adjust how tight or how loose you prefer to wear it.  

Chunky knits look best with an oversized bag.

4. Cardigan Knitwear

Knitted cardigans are just so timeless.

Ribbed cardigans and large collars are making a comeback with a pop of colour and big buttons. It’s true, for a lot of people, bold colour isn’t their style, which is why muted tones and solid colours work so well too. Subtle accessories work best.

A loose cardigan looks elegant when paired with a muted polo or turtleneck and a subtle pendant style necklace over the top softens the look of the high neck. 

That being said, wear whatever makes you feel good! If big statements make you feel more confident, then consider laying your favourite jewellery pieces – think Iris Apfel. 

 Leopard print cardigan from Mango at €49.99

Long-line cardigans are back in a big way. However, there is one crucial point you need to keep in mind when wearing a cardigan and that is what you’re planning on wearing underneath. Because these cardigans have so much material you want to avoid a shapeless bulky look. They tend to be oversized, so you need a fitted outfit underneath.

One of my favourite looks is to pair up the cardigan with a simple monochromatic outfit. You can go for a midi ribbed dress in matching colour, or tight-knit turtle with matching tailored trousers… and boots of course to finish off the chic vibe.


5. Jumper vests

Sleeveless Jumper Vests are back and more stylish than ever. The new styles come in thick, chunky knits that are perfect for layering. If you are a fan of the preppy look, then you can opt for a plain style but if you lean towards the creative side, go for a colour block style or one with a fair isle print. There are plenty to choose from, and lucky for you, I have shopped out some of our favourite picks at all price points. 

Phase Eight

Ribbed polo tops have become increasingly popular this year, especially long-sleeved tight-nit pieces with a zipped front. These knitwear pieces are so versatile. You can wear it closed for a more understated look, or open it with a necklace for a bit more shape.

Winter Knits: Your Winter Wardrobe

As you can see, there is a huge selection of knitwear options out there to suit all style personalities. It can be intimidating to figure out what compliments your figure the best, and what colours suit your skin tone, but I have been styling the nation with well over two decades and as an expert personal stylist and fashion consultant, I hope with my insider tips you’ll be well on your way to finding your own unique winter style.

For more professional styling advice, visit more of my blogs, or get in touch today to find out more about my private one-to-one consultations, and image consultancy training courses in Cork


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