The Ultimate Christmas Gift: Christmas Gift Vouchers

The Ultimate Christmas Gift! The Gift of Style

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of ways to treat people year after year.

That’s why my one-to-one private style consultations in Cork can offer something totally unique and can change peoples lives for the better. Maybe you’ve heard your mom, your sister, a friend saying they don’t really know what to wear, how to style it, or what ‘their’ colour is.

That’s where I come in. I will eliminate the guesswork of what works and what doesn’t. I’m here to help inspire clients into finding their own style so they can dress in a manner that embraces their identity.

Trying to understand -and discover your personal style can be incredibly hard. As fashion trends change, the idea of having a personal style is becoming more celebrated on social media, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter where it’s commonplace for anyone to try out their style and share with others on a social platform and gain inspiration from others too.

But trying to copy what other people are wearing in the hope that it works, doesn’t really work! As your professional personal stylist in Cork, I’m here to take the confusion out of all this and help you evolve with your style. I can provide you, or your loved ones, with the advice and direction they need to become confident and be their best-dressed selves.

Why gifting a colour or style session will have a lasting impact

Knowing what makes you feel good encourages you to buy less. After all – you don’t need as much quantity when you have a lot of quality. Unnecessary spending on clothes you may never wear is not good for your pocket or the environment.

This means that professional style consultations really encourage sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. I also have countless great recommendations for sustainable clothing brands in Ireland, so my gift vouchers make a great Christmas present for someone you know who is passionate about quitting fast fashion (and looking good doing it!)

Style Consultations

What’s better than helping someone special to you feel truly confident in their style? My style consultations allow a friend, family member, or partner, to spend the day discovering their individual style – and finding out what style makes them feel great! Once they learn what works best for their body type, I focus on their own personal style and build a wardrobe full of looks that best personifies this for all aspects of life.

Gift vouchers for my style consultations allow people to learn how to style according to their individual body shape, and how to shop in stores that are catering for their lifestyle and budget.

They’ll find styles and items that flatter their figure and make them look and feel great.  

Colour Consultations

My colour consultations help people find what colour palette complement them best. The session will also include a full makeup lesson, plus advice on their hair colour and hairstyle.

Colour can be the fine line between flattering and unflattering, this is why detailed colour analysis is so important.

It can be difficult to figure out what tone of colour suit you best, which is why during a one-to-one colour consultation, we’ll identify your unique colouring and you will learn the most flattering colours for your clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Do you suit warm (yellow-based ) colours, or do cool (blue-based) tones compliment you best? Can you wear strong colours? Or do pastels work more in harmony with your overall look?

Once you’ve found your colour palette, shopping will be made easy – by process of elimination, where you are looking only for the colour that suit you, rather than everything that the store has to offer. Once you have that accuracy of your colour chart you can start to truly enjoy your style.

After your personal colour analysis and makeup consultation, you will notice that you receive more compliments and you will feel more excited about wearing colour every day.

Treat Your Loved One This Christmas

One of my gift vouchers is a truly different gift. It’s a personal experience that shows how much you care.

If you have a family member, friend, or partner who likes fashion but might not know what their style is, treat them to a Christmas gift voucher with Joan Cashman of the Colour and Image Academy Cork.

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